Project Blue Brain

The name of World first Virtual Brain. That means a Machine that can function as a human Brain. The Blue Brain is a Swiss National Brain Initiative. The project started in back 2005 by the brain & mind institute in Switzerland . It aims to create a digital reconstruction of the brain by reverse-engineering mammalian brain to identify the fundamental principles of brain structure and function in health and disease.


There are numbers  of sub-project including the cajal blue brain, coordinated by the supercomputing & visualization center of Madrid.

In November 2007 the project reported the end of the first phase, delivering a data-driven process for creating, validating & researching the neocortical column.

By 2005 the first single cellular model was completed , the first artificial neocortical column of 10,000 cells was built by 2008 and  by July 2011, a cellular mesocircuit of 1000 neocortical columns with a million cell’s in total was build. a cellular rat brain was planned for 2014 with 100 mesocircuits totaling a hundred million cells. Finally a cellular human brain is predicted possible by 2023 equivalent to 1000 rat brain with a total of a hundred billion cells.


Why we need Virtual Brain

We can upload contents of the natural brain into it ,& keep the intelligence, knowledge and skill of any person , & used to remember things without effort.

Uploading The Human Brain

The uploading is possible by the use of small robots known as the nano robots. These robots are small enough to travel throughout our circulatory system.

Traveling into the spine & brain , they will be able to monitor the activity & structure of our central nervous system and they will be able to provide an interface with computer while we still reside our biological form.


Nano robots also could carefully scan the structure of our brain,providing a complete readout of the connection. This information when entered into computer could then  continue to function as us thus the data stored in the entire brain will be uploaded into computers.


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